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Introduction to Linguistics

L'inscription à ce cours se fait sur invitation seulement


The course introduces the field of linguistics in general and provides the learner with basic knowledge in phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics.


  • To introduce the learner to the basic components of linguistics.
  • To equip the learner with the necessary conceptual tools for linguistic data analysis.
  • To help the learners provide formal representations for rules, sentences, sounds and processes.
  • Learning outcomes

    By the end of the course, the learners will be able to

  • develop awareness of the importance of linguistics as a human science
  • understand the goal behind doing linguistic analysis
  • distinguish between the different fields of linguistics
  • carry out basic phonetic description and phonological/morphological /syntactic analysis.
  • identify semantic features and semantic relations.
  • and distinguish between semantics and pragmatics and identify pragmatic markers.
  • Course syllabus

  • Weeks 1, 2 & 3 : Phonetics
  • Weeks 4 & 5 : Phonology
  • Weeks 6 &7 : Morphology
  • Weeks 8 & 9 : Syntax
  • Weeks 10 & 11 : Semantics
  • Weeks 12 & 13 : Pragmatics
  • Weeks 14: Final evaluation
  • Evaluation

  • Tests: 40%
  • Final exam: 60%
  • Prérequis

    The course has no specific prerequisites.

    Target audience

    Fourth semester students in the departments of English around Morocco as well as to any person interested in having basic general knowledge in linguistics.

    Équipe pédagogique

    Course Staff Image #1

    Fatima El HAMDI

    Assistant Professor, English Department, Mohammed V University in Rabat, FLSH Doctorate (Mohammed V University in Rabat and Université Paris 8) Fulbright visiting scholar, University of Arizona. 

    Course Staff Image #2

    Malika Eddakhch

    Senior Professor at Foreign Languages and Cultures Department at Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) – Mohammed V University in Rabat. She has an advanced training in linguistics and holds a doctorate in Italian language and culture. 

    Course Staff Image #2

    Abdesselam FERRATI

    Professor of TEFL Methodology and Classroom Management Skills at the Ecole Normale Superieure, Mohammed V University, Rabat. He is also an Adjunct Professor of Social Movements, Media, and Political Communication at the Faculty of Governance, Economics, and Social Sciences, Mohammed VI Polytechnic University in Rabat.

    He holds a doctorate in Media and Culture Studies.

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    2. Début du Cours

      Feb 12, 2024
    3. Fin des cours

      Jun 05, 2024